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Steps To Invest

Steps To Invest

Tribus Enterprises is starting out on the OTC (Over the Counter) QB Boards. All of the shares sold will be registered with a Transfer Agent and will be listed under your existing portfolio if you have one and if not then they will be your first stocks that you own.
Once Tribus Enterprises closes this 1st offering you will have access to your stock portfolio and can choose to do whatever you want with it.
Tribus Enterprises next goal for their stock is get to $2.00 a share and be listed on the Small Cap Boards. We cannot specify a time frame on this, but we hope to make it within 5 years.
  • Fill out Subscription Agreement

    • Common Stock Agreement

    • Class B Preferred Stock Agreement

  • Write check to Tribus Enterprises

  • Please keep copy for your records

  • Register Subscription Agreement with SEC.

  • Deposit check in Bank Account

  • Use funds to purchase:

    • Machinery

    • Robotics

    • Molds for Forged Wrench Bodies

    • Run Business Operations

    • Hire Staff

    • Hire Outsource companies to make product

    • Set up Manufacturing Facility